Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

This all depends on various factors. What kind of set you want ie tribute or just covers, whether dancers or band are required, set length, distance and type of event. Please contact with all details for a quote.

Do you require a deposit?

Depending on type of event, yes. If overseas, 50% on booking and remainder a week before event.

Can we pay cash or bacs?

Yes. Cash can be paid on the night, or bacs.

How long do you perform for?

Depends on clients requirements and what kind of show.  A ‘typical’ tribute show would be either 2 x 45 mins or a straight through 90 mins.  ‘Covers’ shows can be up to 120 mins (unless more negotiated).

What kind of show formats do you do?

Again… This can be discussed with the client… With straight tribute, half tribute/ half covers, or all covers.

Do you have a band/dancers?

Yes. Both are available. Normal 3 piece band or full (up to 8) piece band for ‘maybe winehouse’ show. Up to 6 dancers also available.

Do you have proper costumes?

Yes. All costumes for the tribute shows are handmade exact replicas, along with the wigs too. Up to 6 costume changes can be done in one show. For the ‘covers’ shows, stage costumes are also worn, also with changes.

Do you need a changing room?

Yes. Preferably not the toilet or broom cupboard 😉   if possible, a lockable room with mirror and sink.

Do you need refreshments?

Yes. Water, tea, coffee or coca cola is very much appreciated, especially after a very long journey.  If allowed, wine would be even more appreciated! Again, if its been a long journey, a snack or meal if available is even more appreciated

Do you provide the equipment/sound/lights etc?

Yes. However, if all provided at the venue, then that is preferable.  Or if our desk can be plugged into your system…. A smoke machine is included also, when allowed.

Do you have pli?


Do you need a quick change area side of stage?

Yes. If possible…. It is required for the tribute shows, as there are some very quick changes between or in the middle of songs. It is not required for a normal ‘covers’ show though.

Do you have your own soundman?

If budget allows, then yes.

Do you provide music before, during and after show?

Yes, Music can be provided if required, as long as times are discussed.  Or if your budget permits, a seperate dj can be provided.

Where are you based?

South east of England.

How far will you travel?

All over the country and worldwide. Obviously this will incur extra costs.  If in the uk, up to 300 miles accommodation would be appreciated, over 300 miles will require flights, transfers and accommodation. If flights are required , then the client or venue would obviously have to supply the required pa (sound equipment). Anything outside the uk will require all travel, accommodation and food to be supplied.

Can we sing with you?

If its pre-arranged, then yes. For instance, a ‘first dance’ song at a wedding, a ‘favourite’ song at a birthday etc etc.

What kind of events do you perform at?

All sorts…. From small private parties to big outdoor festivals.  No function or event  is too small or too big!

Can you do more than one tribute in a night?

Yes….. Fee to be agreed on.

If we wanted you to carry on for an extra 30-60 mins?

This is possible if extra fee is agreed upon.

Do you provide any other services other than live music?

We can provide a variety of services, such as dj’s,karaoke, stilt walkers, fire eaters…. Any many other aspects of entertainment, through our sister company ‘sublime entertainment’. Most of these need to be agreed upon in advance, on booking….. If there are any other questions… Please contact us for further details.